How to open

Requirements for an Innovation-Hub:

  • Furnished classroom space for regular meetings or library
  • Large computer screen or projector for webinars
  • Public addressing system (if necessary)
  • Broadband Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Shelves and lockers for self-servicing library

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"Innovation is the key to progress, and education is the foundation of innovation. An Innovation Hub within an educational institution provides the perfect platform for nurturing creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in the next generation of leaders and innovators."




Some of the activities in an innovation hub

  • Workshops and webinars: Innovation hubs often organize workshops and webinars conducted by experts in various fields to help members enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • Project-Based Learning: Innovation hub provide project-based learning opportunities to students where they can work on real-world problems and develop solutions.
  • Self-Servicing library: An innovation hub may have a library with books, journals, and other materials related to entrepreneurship and innovation that members can use to improve their knowledge.

  • #BookBucketChallenge: This challenge encourages members to donate books that they have read and found useful to the library, thus expanding its collection.

  • Mentorship: Experienced mentors are available to guide members in developing their innovative ideas and turning them into successful startups.

  • Study circles: Members can form study circles to discuss specific topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation and learn from each other's experiences.

  • Co-working spaces: Innovation hubs provide collaborative workspaces where members can work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

  • No Code Community: Innovation-hub create a community of no-code enthusiasts where members can share their knowledge, collaborate on projects, and learn from each other. 

Innovation Hub Resources

Innovation Hub Resources

Project Based Learning Study Circles Webinars Self-Servicing Library Interactive Motivational Posters E-Camp (Extra-Curricular Activities Management Portal) No Code Community Virtual Incubation Book & App SMART Plan Pro Kit Innovation-Hub